Is it easy to become a skilled arborist?

Want to become an arborist? It is a highly competitive, industry and a hazardous profession due to high climbings and using cutting edge equipment. Becoming an arborist in Brisbane is not an easy job as it requires a considerable amount of experience and vast skills with a great range of equipment. Everyone thinks it’s easy to become an arborist without knowing the difficulties and hardships in the career. To clear up the confusion, here are a few things you need to understand what the job entails:

Tree climbing spikes

Sometimes referred to as tree spurs, these let you support weight on your legs as you


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Climbing line

A climbing line should be very reliable and robust to withstand the conditions.

Rigging rope

They’re slightly different to climbing lines, not to be confused with the climbing line, these are the ropes you use when taking down trees or removing limbs.


Maybe you’ve heard it called a harness. The terms are pretty much interchangeable. Make sure you invest in a good one that is reliable and has room to carry tools on it.

Safety Lanyard

These can reduce impact in case of an unexpected fall. Choose from shock absorbing, fall restraint, self-retracting, and more!

Of course, there’s more, but these are the bare necessities that you need to get your hands on first before you become a skilled arborist. Then there are other things to consider like snaps and various types of pulleys.

If you’re a fan of the outdoors and don’t shy away from a little physical labour, then maybe becoming an arborist could be the dream job you are looking for. It is worth it if you become a successful arborist. It pays well, and you can do it as a trade or start your business services.

Lack of knowledge of proper tree maintenance and treatment can lead to severe and long term tree damage and physical injury. If handled by a non-professional or inexperienced person, then even a task that appears simple and easy on the surface, like pruning or trimming the branches that have grown excessively in or around your home, can quickly end up in a mishap.