Merits of Environmental Sampling

To investigate whether water, air or soil contain contaminants, environmental sampling is done. The soil is tested by testing hazardous waste soil, water is tested by going into lakes and the air is tested from industry by air emissions. Environmental protection agency has their law and procedures concerning sampling and which tool is required for testing the feasible contaminant.

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Lists of approved procedures

  • Biological procedure
  • Inorganic procedure
  • Non-Pesticide organic compound test
  • Pesticides test
  • Radiology procedure.

Above list is used to do environmental sampling.

The  Environmental sampling Mauritius is used in the areas of Mauritius to check waste of water and soil. Many studies and projects regarding environmental sampling at their medical institutes were carried out. These studies show that their solid wastes, app.10% is dangerous to nature because it contains many infections which are deadly to mankind. Other than infections it also contains pathological and chemical wastes. It turns out that in their hospital’s water waste is present which is consumed as 0.654m3 per patient daily.

Advantages of environmental sampling:

The immense possibility of finding species: It is easier to find species by eDNA approach rather than old traditional methods.

Time saver: This technique is less time consuming because it takes samples rather than carrying surveys.

Affordable: Because of collecting samples and not taking surveys it costs become low.

More valid: It does not need identification method of species because it works with species-specific primers.

Finds out hazardous contaminants: By environmental sampling, you find out where the hazardous contaminant is present and then clean it.

How to reduce hazardous waste

By avoiding commercial cleaners used in houses: Because these cleaners are the main reason for hazardous waste. They contain a large number of chemicals which are dangerous to human health when used in large amount.

Avoid use of pesticides: When pesticides are used in fields the chemical in it remains in the field and become poisonous.

Do not use drain cleaner: Use an alternative to drain cleaner such as a plunger or pour boiling water.

Do not use oil paints: instead of oil paints use water paints. Because oil paints contain thinner in it which is also a source to hazardous waste.

Environmental sampling is used all over the world. To make earth a better place to live in, environmental sampling is important. So, that you and your child live in a better world without any hazardous contaminant.