Mycorrhizal Fungi As A Source Of Bringing Nutrients To Your Plants

One of the most significant things that are needed for the life and health of a plant is the mycorrhizal fungi. They are known to provide the best nutrients and water to your plant, which is essential for the life and sustainability of your plant. Do you know the best part? These fungi are also available in powder form. Today, we’ll discuss the types of Mycorrhizal fungi and how it helps plants to get nutrients.

mycorrhizal fungi

What Are The Two Categories Of Mycorrhizal Fungi?

Endomycorrhizal fungi: This type of fungi is associated with almost 90% of plant species. It includes vegetables, grasses, and so many ornamentals.

Ectomycorrhizal fungi: This type of fungi is just associated with 5% of the plants. However, it is not less than essential for various deciduous trees and conifers.

How And When To Use Mycorrhizal Fungi?

What if we tell you that you can use the combination of these two fungi at the same time? Yes, it’s true. Both can be used simultaneously; however, we recommend you to apply them at planting, seeding, or sodding to promote contact between the roots of the plant and fungi.

mycorrhizal fungi

Planting: These fungi or the combination of fungi can be used at the time of planting on the root ball. You can also throw it into the planting hole to bring nutrients to your plants.

Seeding: At the time of seeding, you can use these fungi, and we suggest you mix these fungi before you sow your plant. This way, you can get the best nutrients for your plants.

Sodding: A sodding time can be a great pick to apply these fungi to your plants. However, make sure you spray it on your soil before you lay the sod. Another option you have is to apply this fungus ad water it in.

The selection of soil is as necessary as anything else because you will get the very best results on porous soil. Most people question that what to do if the plants are already planted? We recommend you use these fungi with a mixture of water and spray it onto your soil.


Mycorrhizal fungi are one of the best possible options to increase the nutrient content of your plant or soil. If you apply fungi in the right fashion, you don’t have to use it twice to get your desired results.