Environmental improvement is need of the hour!

Basically when we talk about the term environmental protection, we are actually referring to the protection of the natural environment on the individual, organizational or the governmental levels. This is essential for the sake of human beings and the environment and nature itself to preserve it in the most natural form. As we know that the man has been manipulating with the nature from decades. This is happening due to the adverse effects of the population and technology. Although technology has brought a lot of ease and comfort in our individual lives, but being pragmatic we can clearly see that on the whole this has impacted our nature and atmosphere adversely. The excessive use of energy is ruining the balance of nature. On the one side it is depleting the ozone layer in the sky and resultantly we see a dramatic rise in the temperature in every passing year which is a very alarming situation for us all. So the biophysical environment is being degraded, in some cases this change is permanent becoming literally irreversible. This is the classic example of the worsening situation of our environment.

Not very long ago this massive change has been acclaimed by the nations of the world and they are inclined towards placing restrictions on the activities that are negatively impacting our natural environment. Since 1960’s we have witnessed major movements calling their shots for this sacred purpose that has a virtual impact on all the inhabitants of earth. This is a moral obligation to contribute individually for this cause as this could have grave repercussions on us and coming generations as well. The more in depth recognition arises in shape of the major institutions offering major courses that focus on the nature and environment protection measures. Here the history and methods of environment protection are taught to the students. Waste production, air pollution and loss of bio diversity are some of the major constituents of the said issue. And they all need to be addressed on immediate basis. Environmental protection could be ensured by three interrelated aspects that are environmental legislation, ethics and education. For this noble cause we need to be united and make dedicated effort or else this would annihilate the mere existence of human beings on earth. On individual level we can contribute as testing tools and by taking minute measures like with improved water disposal system management, going green, recycling and preservation.