Reasons to Invest in an Environmental Management Plan!

Investing in an environmental management plan for your business is a smart decision. Whether you own a small to medium construction company or a large scale property development business it is important to look into which options are available to you and what the advantages and benefits of putting one in place would be. Not only is it a smart business move and compliant with certain regulatory laws but is also a good way of caring for the environment around you.

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For you to better understand what an environmental management plan is, Let’s look at what it is defined as; An EMP is a site or project specific plan developed to ensure that appropriate management practices are followed during a project’s construction and/ or operation. The characteristics of an effective EMP are as follows;

  • Ensures the application of best practice environmental management to a project.
  • Ensures the implementation of a projects EIA (Energy information administration) including its conditions of approval or consent.
  • Ensures compliance with environmental legislation, and ensures that environmental risk associated with the project is properly managed.  

There are also multiple benefits associated with investing in an environmental management plan, the main two are, profitability in your business and better sales opportunities.

Other Advantages Include, But Are Not Limited To;

  • Certification – Gaining recognition through external certification.
  • Lighter regulation – Through showing your commitment to environmental management you may benefit through reduced fees from environmental regulators or less frequent site visits.
  • Boost in sales opportunities – Government departments and larger firms may only prefer to work with businesses that have an EMP.

The cost involved when investing in an environmental management can vary considerably. It is best to find low cost opportunities that will produce significant cost savings and balance the cost of implementing and operating your EMP. The implementation of a EMP should help your business become more profitable by reducing the consumption of energy and waste, saving you money on resources. This will however require you to invest time and resources.

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